The evolving “LinkedIn” threat

A couple of days ago I posted a warning about false communications pretending to be from LinkedIn.  That threat continues and evolves with a variation on the threat arriving in my email today.  See the screen capture below.  Everything about this email on the surface looks legitimate, except of course for the fact my name is not “Dawn”, nor am I expecting any payment from any of my LinkedIn connections.

As always, your best defense is your own common sense.  If anything arrives in your email that just doesn’t “smell right”, chances are it’s not right and potentially carrying a nasty payload just like the ZIP file attached in this email.

Always make sure your system has the latest critical updates from Microsoft.  Always make sure you have current AntiVirus and other malware detection systems active and most importantly, CURRENT and up to date with the latest threat definitions.  The Internet is a seedy place, browse safely and trust no one.


Email carrying malicious payload

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New “LinkedIn” threat

Published by dave at 11:43 AM under Current Threats | Malware | social media | Daily Tips

Lately I’ve been receiving a lot of email “invitations” to connect with people on LinkedIn, a popular career networking site.  There are three glaring problems which should raise your suspicion immediately: 1) the emails are arriving at an email address that I have not associated with LinkedIn, 2) I've never heard of the person "making the request", and 3) the URL to accept the invitation is to a phishing site. 

This is a classic case of social engineering to either scam you or damage your computer.  Notice how in this photo when you hover over the “link” to connect, it is directing you to a site other than LinkedIn?  Best bet anytime you receive a message like this is delete delete delete.  Don’t let curiosity get the better of you.



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