Today's Tip - Solving "Sever Execution Errors" in Windows Media Player

You won't find a lot of help for this in the Microsoft Forums unfortunately.  A surprisingly common problem you may see in Windows Vista and Windows 7 is failure of Windows Media Player to open and play a file.  If you reboot the machine, you may be able to successfully play a single file after restart, but the problem returns and you get an ERROR message stating "Sever Execution Error".  This error also presents in some Wireless networking instances.

Resolve this issue by opening a command window with elevated (administrator) access.  There are many ways to open command prompt as administrator.  One simple method is to click on "START" and type "CMD" in the search box.  At the top of your start menu under "Programs", you will see "CMD.EXE".  Simply right click on it and choose "Run as Administrator".  You will receive a UAC prompt (User Account Control) to confirm you wish to proceed.

Once you are at a command prompt, enter the following command (including quotes):

net localgroup "Administrators" "NT Authority\Local Service" /add

If you entered the command correctly, you will receive a reply that the command executed successfully.  Close the command window and the issue is resolved.

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